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Details Fundamental-Transformation-Michelles-Journey

[{ Fundamental Transformation: Michelle's Journey [ FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION: MICHELLE'S JOURNEY ] By Wendt, Mary ( Author )Jul-30-2012 Paperback By Wendt, Mary ( Author ) Jul - 01- 2012 ( Paperback ) } ]

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Details Currents-in-Japanese-Culture-Translations-Transformations-Translations-and-Transformations

Currents in Japanese Culture These twenty-nine original essays focuses on how cultural and literary genres and norms have developed in response to historical and cross-cultural influences. Full description

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Details Self-Transformation-and-the-Oracular

[{ Self-Transformation and the Oracular [ SELF-TRANSFORMATION AND THE ORACULAR ] By Anderson, Allan W ( Author )Jul-08-2009 Hardcover By Anderson, Allan W ( Author ) Jul - 08- 2009 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Leadership-Under-Construction-Creating-Paths-Toward-Transformation-Creating-Paths-Toward-Transformation

Leadership Under Construction is sure to become a self-development tool that supports students and teachers in building a conceptual foundation for leadership. The book is intended to be a teacher facilitation workbook where ownership is transferred ...

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Details The-Spiritual-Transformation-of-a-Rational-Man

No The Spiritual Transformation of a Rational Man Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Immigration-and-the-Transformation-of-Europe

Immigration and the Transformation of Europe A comprehensive assessment of immigration and migration and their policy implications in twentyfirst-century Europe. Full description